People, or more specifically the knowledge, skills and capabilities of people, are the key assets of an architectural practice. However, for the practice to continue to improve it must find a way to retain and build on this knowledge. This is why we are attracted by the idea of the ‘learning organisation’.

Knowledge is constantly evolving. Ideas developed on one project inform the design solution on another. Our aim is to capture, retain and share this knowledge within the organisation – and ultimately within the project team.

Our social media strategy is being developed to facilitate this. While primarily used for marketing, social media enables us to capture and share knowledge by storing it in locations that can be made accessible to all.

Communication, in every sense, is the key to our success.

Follow us on social media to keep to date with Studiodare’s news, projects, research and upcoming events.

Our blog is used primarily as a knowledge sharing tool where we publish and discuss areas of interest or issues that we are addressing. The aim of the blog is to invite others to contribute and help us test the rigour of our hypotheses.

Pinterest is used as an image library, primarily to help studiodare build a reference manual on subjects ranging from master planning to renewable technology. Where we feel images are of interest to others we make them public and share with our contacts.

The Twitter account is a means of sharing news and information that we come across on our daily trawl of papers, magazines and the internet. By being part of an on-line community we are able to exploit the combined expertise of a significantly larger body of knowledge, to which we also contribute.

Facebook is a lighter version of the blog and enables us to provide details of various items including updates on work in progress. It also allows us, as creative individuals, to showcase our personal ideas and subjects we find inspiring.